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Food processing machinery & Spareparts Specialist
Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of food machines and spare parts
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Welcome to EtSpares

ETSPARES is a german company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of food machines and spare parts. With many years of industry expertise, ETspares Industries has built an international reputation as the engineer, manufacturer, and marketer of the world’s finest food processing. All ETspares systems are designed to help processors streamline their food manufacturing in order to improve quality, productivity, and food safety while minimizing waste. ETspares is known for its wide range of proven processing solutions, including their line of grinding, mixing, forming, flattening/tenderizers, slicing, battering, breading, marinating, predusting, pasteurizing, and cooking. Our total commitment to our customers makes ETspares the one supplier that processors can trust for better, smarter solutions.
We provide experience & high level processing solutions for you!!


Emsens was born in 1961 and is specilized in designing and manufacturing machines for the food industry. Situated in the industrial area called Ondaine (in the Loire district), well known for its network of companies dealing with metallurgy, Emsens has been experimenting a know-how which allows it to answer to all the needs of its customers in the food industry.
Oriplast Krayer GmbH was founded in 1968 in Neunkirchen Saar, Germany. Over the years it established a strong German brand in the medical device market as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality products. Today, the corporation looks back at more than 50 years’ experience in production and manufacturing, that ensures the best possible solutions for its customer’s needs.
Willms Fleisch GmbH
Willms GmbH is a medium-sized company, run today by the second generation of the family. While the production technology continues to develop, the values of the family business have remained the same: Reliability, continuity and quality have been the hallmarks of Willms Fleisch GmbH since it was founded.
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